Alias Sponsorship

We strongly encourage riders/racers of all different skill levels to apply for sponsorship with our team. We look at many factors when determining if an athlete will be a good fit for our team and brand. These factors include things such as a positive attitude (on and off the track), hard work ethic, dedication, race results, and more. Sponsorship is a privilege and must be earned. All ALiAS athletes must display a clean appearance and professional attitude at all times. Please keep in mind that we receive thousands of sponsorship applications each year and that there are only a limited number of sponsorships available. Good Luck!
RESUME ACCEPTANCE DATES Current Application period is closed. SUBMITTING YOUR RESUME Please choose only one of the following ways to submit your sponsorship resume to ALiAS. Only submit your application once. If we receive multiple applications from the same rider they will be denied. 1) E-MAIL Email your resume to: 2) POST OFFICE Mail your race resume with the same information as requested above to the following address: ATTN: ALiAS MX Rider Support 1905 Aston Avenue Suite 100 Carlsbad, CA 92008 Required Resume Information: • All of your contact information. (Full name, age, correct address, phone number, and your main email) • List your Sport, Classes, Skill Level, and Race/Event schedule for the upcoming season • Race results from the past year only, and/or any Media Exposure you have received (Locally or Nationally) • Maximum of 4 photos (including head shot - feel free to be creative with this one) • Please include a mini-bio that describes yourself, why you love your sport, why you would be a good fit for our company, and anything else you think is important for us to know. We like a good story so try to keep it interesting, but short! • Optional - You may also include one short video (under 5 minutes long please) REMEMBER: Please keep everything neat and organized so it is easily readable! (Correct spelling and grammar helps) WHAT'S NEXT? Only qualified applicants will be contacted. Please note that since we receive thousands of applications each season, we need the time to consider everyone, so do not expect to receive a response for at least a few weeks. Be patient and never assume we have overlooked your application. We are looking forward to the upcoming race season and hope to see you around! ALiAS MX

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