Website Help

If you are having issues using, read through some solutions to common problems below. Unfortunately, outside of the advice given here, there isn’t much more we can do to help unless you call us directly at (760) 930-1009 M-F 8am to 5pm PST.


Account Creation Issue


There are couple common mistakes that can occur, which cause account creation issues. First is forgetting, or incorrectly typing in the verification at the bottom of the sign up page. The verification field is required. If you cannot read the verification image, click the refresh arrows in the verification box to display a new image.

Another conflict customer may run into when they already created an account they forgot about, and then try to create an account with the same email. This will generate an error message since an account already exists in the system. If you created an account previously and don’t remember the password, go to the login page, type in your email, and click “Reset my password” to begin the steps of resetting your account.

If you continue to have trouble call us – (760) 930-1009, M-F 8am to 5pm PT- and at that time we can manually create an account for you and help you get logged in.


Checkout Errors

Occasionally guest users may experience an issue where the checkout button will not function.This is due to your internet browser settings. The best solution is to create and account, make sure you are logged in, and then the checkout function will work correctly.


Login Errors


An issue customers sometime have after they create an account is that they cannot login. This is usually because when they created an account they accidently typed their email incorrectly (i.e., typing “gnail” and not “gmail”). If an account creation confirmation email is not received at the email address you used to create an account, you did not create an account with that email account.

If your password is not working, or you forgot it, go to the login page, type in your email, and click “Reset my password” to begin the steps of resetting your account.


Credit Card Errors


Currently, only accepts MasterCard and Visa, which have U.S. Billing Addresses. If you try using a different card type or use a NON-U.S. Billing Address, you will get an error. If you want to place an order with a NON-U.S. address or NON-U.S. payment method, you must click the “International Checkout” button on the bottom of the Cart page.

If you do have a U.S. payment method, which is also a MasterCard or Visa, and you are still having issues, make sure your Billing Address is correct. The Billing Address entered at checkout should match the billing address that appears on your credit card statement.


Check your settings!


There are sometimes technical issues that can occur and cause problems due to a users computer/phone/router/browser setting. Sometimes a computer/phone browser or firewall may be blocking required cookies/cache data, which doesn’t allow the data to transfer and load to the site correctly. You can try clearing all of the browser’s old cookie/cache data and then going into your browser or firewall settings to make sure you are not blocking our site somehow. Then refresh your browser and try again.

If you are unsure how to do any of the above, a simple solution may be to use a different browser or different device completely. Many times that helps. Some customers have even found that using different router/network solved their problem (likely meaning the original router/network was somehow blocking the site from loading data properly).


Additional Help


Call ALiAS directly at (760) 930-1009,  Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PST.