10 Jul, 2017

Hampshire makes strides toward the podium at Southwick MX

Southwick, MA (July 8th, 2017) – Now into his third pro season, RJ Hampshire has been waiting for the pieces to fall into place so he could battle for a podium finish. At round seven of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, in the sand of Southwick, Massachusetts, Hampshire found his groove and put in his best performance in years, leading laps and finishing just short of the box with 5-4 finishes and fourth overall. Teammates Jeremy Martin (4-6 for fifth overall) and Chase Sexton (9-8 for eighth overall) made for three GEICO Hondas in the top ten.

“In the first moto, I almost had the holeshot, and I was feeling good, so I put in a sprint and got into the lead,” said Hampshire. “It was good, I haven’t been up front like that since I hit my head over a year ago. That felt good. Man, I felt awesome but then I made a mistake and threw it away through the rollers. I got up, and I felt good again! I was putting in laps and laps and then my rear brakes went out—I mean, that’s still not an excuse—but they went out halfway. So I got fifth, happy with that. We were in the battle. I wanted it bad in that second moto, got a good start and was behind Alex [Martin] but I couldn’t get around him. Then it started to rain and I couldn’t see, so I was going to just let him go, but then [Joey] Savatgy started to catch up. I picked it up a little bit, I ended up catching him [Alex Martin] again, so I said “Let’s give this thing another go!” I caught him and started really pushing some outsides, but I couldn’t see and I had no brakes. That probably wasn’t very smart! So had to take fourth. My bike is awesome right now—we’ve had some problems but you can tell we’re up there every week, and I have complete confidence in my team. I want that podium.”
Jeremy Martin wasn’t happy with his day, losing more ground in the series’ championship to leader Zach Osborne.
“Tough day at Southwick in the sand going 4-6 for 5th overall,” he said. “I struggled all day with the track and my starts didn’t make anything any easier on me.”
Sexton, in his fourth professional race, was aiming for two top-ten finishes, and he made it happen with the 9-8 scores.
“Qualifying was a little off, I was like 16th or something like that,” he said. “Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to Southwick at all. I come from Illinois so I’m not a big sand rider. But I took a nap after practice, woke up feeling good, and in the first moto I came from 20th to ninth and I felt pretty good about that. I was happy with my riding. Second moto I wanted another top ten, I got a decent start but Osborne kind of came over on me, I had to let him go, so I just pushed from there. I passed some people, then I passed Mitchell Harrison and rode the whole moto in seventh. Last lap I got into some lappers, he went around the outside and he got me. I was kind of bummed about that, but I still finished in the top ten, 9-8 on the day, which is not bad at all. I want to just get a good start and I feel with my speed I could be a top-five guy, but my starts have been awful. I’d like to get out front and try to go as hard as I can as long as I can. I feel at these last five races, they’re good tracks. So we’ll see what I can do.”
GEICO Honda Results
4. RJ Hampshire
5. Jeremy Martin

8. Chase Sexton

02 Jul, 2017

Martin scores moto win and two holeshots, just misses the overall at RedBud

Buchanan, MI (July 1, 2017) – For a moment, it appeared Jeremy Martin was set for a 1-1 day and an overall victory in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at RedBud for GEICO Honda. That moment washed away when he crashed in the second turn of the second moto, while leading. Sent from first place back to last place, Martin would recover to snag eighth, holding onto third overall with 1-8 finishes, and earning him a trip to visit the raucous RedBud fans on the podium.

In just his third pro race, Chase Sexton also had a good day with 12-7 scores at his home track, netting ninth overall. RJ Hampshire showed speed but ran into mechanical problems in both races, and Cameron McAdoo returned to action after a shoulder injury but failed to finish either moto after a small crash reaggrivated the injury.
Martin’s starts have been on point this season, and he nailed the holeshot in both motos, giving him five holeshots for the season.
“It was great,” said Martin of the first moto. “I got the holeshot. I was riding good. The guys were right there. Zach [Osborne] was there. We hit lappers and he’d catch me. I’d get away through the lappers. I saw Alex [Martin] right there. We were just yo-yoing the whole time. I think I got a little lucky with the lappers and Zach, I was able to kind of keep him at bay. It was a good first moto.
The second moto started off almost exactly the same.
“Yeah, it was great,” continued Martin. “I got the holeshot again. I’m really comfortable with the GEICO Honda out of the gate. It’s been really good this year. Just unfortunately lost the front end in the second turn. Yeah. I’m obviously bummed. I would have liked to have gotten up there further, or not even gone down at all. I made one mistake today and that was in the second turn in moto two. Otherwise it was a good day. I felt really good in the second moto. I felt like I was riding better in moto two.”
“Overall the day was good!” said Sexton, a local product from Illinois. “I was actually just having a lot of fun being back in the Midwest and riding RedBud! First moto got an awful start and fell in the third turn but came back from almost last to 12th. Second moto was fourth or fifth off the start and then when Jeremy fell I ran over his bike and got passed by a few people but was able to make some passes back and just put in some solid laps to get seventh. Overall happy with the weekend and looking forward to getting back to work!”
Hampshire’s DNF-DNF scores obviously do not show how well he has been riding since his return from injury. “We are in a way better place then I have been before,” he said. “DJ [practice mechanic] and I do our own thing back home and a lot of people may not agree with it, but I’m loving every minute of it. I believe in my team and know we will be battling for a podium here soon. Considering I was sick all week and could barely make a 20-minute moto on Thursday, I was happy to make it that far in the first moto. We will give it another go next weekend!”
McAdoo’s day was actually more heartbreaking than Hampshire’s, with his lingering shoulder injury still thwarting his races.
“I was really excited to get back to racing at RedBud,” he said. “I got off to a pretty good start in moto 1 and was running with the front group, which I was happy with, but unfortunately my day was ended early with a small crash that resulted in re-injuring my shoulder.”
McAdoo will be reevaluated going forward. The team heads next to the famous sand track in Southwick, Massachusetts for round seven.
GEICO Honda Results
RedBud National
3. Jeremy Martin
9. Chase Sexton
39. RJ Hampshire

40. Cameron McAdoo

26 Jun, 2017

Sexton, Hampshire Make Speed Gains at Muddy Creek for GEICO Honda

Sexton, Hampshire Make Speed Gains at Muddy Creek for GEICO Honda

Blountville, TN (June 24, 2017) – Jeremy Martin’s recent surge for the GEICO Honda team suffered a setback at round five of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Muddy Creek Raceway, but the squad can at least be happy to see recent returnees Chase Sexton and RJ Hampshire making gains. Martin’s day was undone by a first-turn crash in moto one, leading to 13-6 moto finishes and ninth overall, one week after winning the High Point National. But rookie Chase Sexton made great gains in his second pro race, overcoming his own first-turn mishap to turn in 15-9 scores for 11th overall. RJ Hampshire ran up front for most of the first moto before an electrical problem did him in. He was 12th in moto two.

“Rough day of racing at Muddy Creek for the number six machine,” said Martin. “I needed to be better on a day that I wasn’t feeling very good. Starts were everything on that track so the first turn crash in the first moto set the tone for the day. Had the bad gate pick for the second moto. Not making excuses though—I straight up got beat and I gotta get better. Looking forward to Red Bud and getting back up front.”

Martin slips from second to third in the series standings, leapfrogged by his own brother, Alex Martin.

As for Sexton, he improved on his pro debut from a week ago and was happy with his performance.

“Tennessee went pretty well!” said Sexton. “Track was fun and the fans were awesome! First moto I fell in the first corner and had to come from way back to 15th. Second moto was top 15 on the start and made some passes early and felt really good on the bike. Ended up ninth in the second moto and 11th overall on the day. Now I just need to work on starts and come out swinging at RedBud!”

RJ Hampshire had the stuff to go top ten or even top five at Muddy Creek, but bike problems ended his run while running with the lead pack in moto one.

“Day started off good. I always rode well at Muddy Creek so I was pretty excited to go racing,” said Hampshire. “First moto I had a good start, came around the first turn in second but slid out exiting the turn and fell back to fourth. Struggled to find a flow the first couple laps and got shuffled back a little bit. Started putting laps together and pulled up to Zach Osborne and the pack in front of me. I think lap eight we ran into some electrical problems so that ended my moto. Second moto we had 38th gate pick and just tried to make the best out of it on a track that was pretty tough to pass on. I’m happy with my riding and the starts. We will be ready for RedBud!”

RedBud is the annual motocross July 4th weekend celebration in Buchanan, Michigan, and it comes this Saturday.

GEICO Honda Results

Tennessee National

9. Jeremy Martin

11. Chase Sexton

16. RJ Hampshire

19 Jun, 2017

Martin Back to the Winner’s Circle for GEICO Honda

Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania (June 17, 2017) – The tides are turning for GEICO Honda, as round four of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship welcomed back two team riders from injury and also completed Jeremy Martin’s steady climb back to of the podium. Martin used 2-1 moto scores at the Red Bull High Point National to grab his first overall victory of the season. The two-time 250 National Motocross Champion also vaulted to second in the season standings. Chase Sexton and RJ Hampshire also made their season debuts in motocross after recovering from leg injuries suffered during the supercross campaign a few months back. Hampshire took eighth overall and Sexton was 13th in his debut race as a professional.

Martin continues to flex the muscle of his Honda off the starts, as he nailed the holeshot in the first moto. He suffered from arm pump and yielded to Zach Osborne, but in moto two he felt better and ran down the leader—his brother, Alex Martin—to get the lead and take off with the victory.

“It’s been one heck of a rough season for me, supercross and the beginning part of outdoors,” said Martin. “[Then I had a] DNF right away first moto [of the season]. So, it’s nice. I’ll make sure I enjoy it. These are hard to come by especially with how good these guys are. Hopefully the team and I enjoy it tonight.

“I got off to a great start [in the first moto],” said Martin. “I was pumped up right away, but no excuses. I did my best to manage it. I could see Zach coming. I’m like, dang it. He was able to get around me. It is what it is. We made some changes for moto two and felt better. I was able to kind of keep him at bay even though we got a bad start.”

Hampshire’s return from a lower-leg injury was impressive, as he started well and ran with the lead group all day. He went 9-8 for eighth overall.

“Both motos I had good starts. First moto I got that good start and was so excited to be back racing, I was letting it hang out,” said Hampshire. “Then I got passed by four dudes in one lap! I had to calm it down or I wouldn’t have made it. Once I settled in I started putting good laps together and pulled back up to the pack right behind [Austin] Forkner. Ran there for a few laps and then went down. Second moto I had another good start but didn’t want to blow it like I did first moto so I rode cautious and that bit me. I made so many mistakes! Pretty sure four guys passed me again in one lap! Once again I had to settle back down and start putting laps together. I felt good and made a pass on Savatgy late in the race, then with one to go I had a run in with a lapper on a downhill, we both went flipping. Got up in 8th. But going P8 in my first race since my injury, I’ll take it. I’m just happy to be back at the races and having fun again. I like Muddy Creek so looking forward to this weekend!”

Sexton’s race actually marked the much-anticipated professional debut for the 2016 AMA Amateur Horizon Award winner. After injuring his knee last summer and breaking his femur in February, the Illinois-based rider finally made it to the show this time, only to be welcomed by a big pileup on the first lap of the first moto. He finished 19th, but bounced back with a solid tenth in moto two. The 19-10 scores gave him 13th overall.

“First moto wasn’t what I wanted,” said Sexton. “I went down with A-Mart [Alex Martin] in the first turn and I couldn’t get up. I was probably 30 seconds behind everybody else. I was probably 16th or something and I fell over and I ended up 19th. Then second moto was better. I think I started off 16th or something and came to tenth, so it’s all right. I want to be top ten. I think I can be there for sure. Biggest surprise was probably that I wasn’t surprised with the speed. I think my speed’s fine. The starts, it’s chaos in the first couple of laps. They go for it, for sure. I’ve just got to learn that. I haven’t raced in eight months or something, so it just feels nice to race and get a race in.”

Team member Cameron McAdoo was scheduled to race High Point but realized after practice that the shoulder he injured two weeks ago still wasn’t ready. He plans to suit up again alongside Martin, Hampshire and Sexton at the Muddy Creek National in Blountville, Tennessee next weekend.

GEICO Honda Results

Red Bull High Point National

1. Jeremy Martin

8. RJ Hampshire

13. Chase Sexton

JM-6podiumhighpoint-web gatehighpoint-web

05 Jun, 2017

Martin Just Misses Victory at Thunder Valley

Lakewood, CO (June 3, 2017) – In one of the most closely-contested Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship battles in quite some time, no less than seven riders were in position to potentially win in the 250MX class. GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin was up front all afternoon during the True Value Thunder Valley National just outside of Denver, Colorado, but ultimately ended up third overall with 3-2 scores in the motos.

Martin finished the second moto just .497 seconds behind race winner Joey Savatgy, and shadowed him the whole way, looking for an opening that never came.

“It’s frustrating,” said Martin. “You’re just getting pelted. My face kind of hurts right now. He was fast. He had some good lines. And then he would stick it in a corner because it was so deep, and then I would come up on him, or he’d hit a lapper and then I’d catch him. And then he’d get through the lapper and the lapper would screw me. So it was like we were playing this cat and mouse game. I had a section where I was a little better and he was a little better on the one side. I knew I needed to get him for the overall and I was trying. I was trying hard. I think I got up alongside of him one time over here but the ruts were so deep. Joey was taking good lines. He was taking the main good line. Then you had to like dive bomb it into this deep rut and then when I got alongside of him it was so deep that I went into false neutral.”

Martin made up 13 points on series’ leader Zach Osborne, and now sits third in the standings, down 18.

Jimmy Decotis rounded out the efforts for the team, going 16-14 in the motos for 16th overall. Cameron McAdoo was a late scratch for the event due to a shoulder injury suffered in a crash last week at Pala while practicing. He will likely return for round four, which comes after a weekend off, on June 17th at High Point in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania.


Jeremy Martin: 3rd

Jimmy Decotis: 16th


30 May, 2017

Martin’s Moto Win Restablishes Title Chances for Team GEICO Honda

San Bernardino, California (May 27, 2017) – While bad luck continues to hound the GEICO Honda team, Jeremy Martin made one point perfectly clear during round two of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at Glen Helen Raceway: he’s fast enough to win. The two-time 250MX National Champion grabbed a massive holeshot in the first moto and pulled away to an uncontested victory. In moto two, he powered away with another holeshot, but then hit a slick spot on the track and crashed all the way back to last place. He logged an amazing charge to pass over 30 riders, finishing the moto in seventh to salvage second overall with 1-7 scores.

“Things are good, we made some improvements from Hangtown,” said Martin. “I was a little nervous there, I hadn’t raced since Daytona. We made some improvements mid-week this week, and the improvements were night and day. It’s taken me a long time to learn the Honda, I’ve definitely learned a lot about having an open mind. Great to get that start and the moto win.

“I rocketed out to the holeshot again [in moto two],” he continued. “I knew it was wet there from the parade lap, but after we lined up they rewatered it again. I’m not too pumped on that because it cost me—maybe I should have been more cautious but we’re all going for it there. It was the opening lap. It was just overwatered.”

Jimmy Decotis had a nice bounce back from a tough opener last week, locking down a solid eleventh in the first moto. Bike problems knocked him out of moto two, leaving him in 17th overall for the day.

“These first two rounds have been tough for me,” said Decotis. “I’ve been struggling with a sickness since the week before Hangtown and feel my body is now just slowly starting to come around again. I qualified 11th and then I finished 11th in the first moto and we had a mechanical DNF in the second Moto. Everyone at GEICO Honda works so hard for me and we will bounce back at Colorado. Although 11th isn’t what I want it was a good building block for me in the outdoors. Can’t wait to get my body back to 100 percent.”

Rookie Cameron McAdoo showed his potential for most of moto two, starting 16th and moving up to tenth before a huge crash ended his day. McAdoo was not injured.

“Glen Helen was a rough one for us,” said McAdoo. “My bike broke in moto one, but in moto two I was finally up in the fight and feeling pretty good. About 25 minutes into the moto I hit neutral off the face of a jump that had some ruts and kickers which resulted in a pretty big crash ending my day. It was not fun! Glad I’m healthy and we will be out there fighting next weekend!”

GEICO Honda team member Christian Craig has been riding a CRF450R as a fill-in rider for the Honda HRC factory team, and he was a front runner at Glen Helen in the big bike class. Craig battled for a podium placing before a late crash left him with a broken bone in his hand. Luckily, the break is simple and Craig should be able to return to racing shortly.

“Glen Helen was overall pretty positive for me,” said Craig. “I felt awesome all day and was excited for the day in general and motivated more than ever to show where I belong. The first moto I got a really good start and was running third almost the entire moto until Eli [Tomac] got me. I finished in fourth, which is my best finish in a 450 moto. I was pumped with how I rode and where my fitness was. Knowing I am able to run up front with the best in our sport is a good boost to my confidence. Second moto started out great too. I pulled the holeshot, led four laps then was passed by [Blake] Baggett and [Jason] Anderson. They were charging hard but I kept with them for awhile. Twenty minutes in, my front end tucked on a jump and I went down hard. I punched the dirt with my hand really good and ended up getting a boxer break. Luckily the break isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. I will be getting it plated on Monday and I’m hoping to be back on the bike within a couple weeks. Although my day ended with an injury I’m pleased overall with my riding today and happy I was able to put my bike up front. I can’t thank the entire team enough for always being positive and supporting me through the good and bad. Looking forward to getting back out front!”

Round three of the championship takes place this coming Saturday at Thunder Valley MX in Lakewood, Colorado.

GEICO Honda Results

Glen Helen National


2. Jeremy Martin

17. Jimmy Decotis

35. Cameron McAdoo


12. Christian Craig

20 May, 2017

Martin’s Moto Podium Salvages Pro Motocross Opener for GEICO Honda

Sacramento, California (May 20, 2017) – Racing luck was certainly not on Team GEICO Honda’s side for the 2017 kick off of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. However, come-from-behind efforts on a hot race day and a rough track served to prove the team is not short on determination.

Jeremy Martin’s day sums up much of how it went for the entire team. The two-time AMA 250 National Motocross Champion was running sixth in the first moto when his engine died, the result of freak electrical troubles. Martin, who has not raced since suffering a back injury not long after the Daytona Supercross in March, had to take the 35th gate selection for the second moto of the day. He got a predictably bad start from that gate, but quickly began to charge forward, finding new lines on the rough race track and blasting all the way to third at the finish, with runner-up Austin Forkner just ahead.

“Hangtown is in the books,” said Martin. “It’s unfortunate that we had a rough first round going 35-3 for 11th overall. It’s only two of 24 motos and we have a whole lot of racing left. Second moto was encouraging. I came from the 25th gate pick and was probably around 15th or 20th rounding the second turn. It was good to get all the way to third. I gotta be able to get around those guys faster. I sat behind Austin [Forkner] for way too long. I had to go wide in some spots to make passes and try taking different lines. I was sick of getting roosted!”

Cameron McAdoo made his professional motocross debut at Hangtown, but never got a shot to show what he had after a pair of first-turn crashes. From 24thand 32nd position on the first lap of his two motos, he finished 15-16 for 16th overall.

“Hangtown was definitely pretty tough on me, but it was something to build off of and learn from,” said McAdoo. “Moto 1 I hit a downed bike in the second turn and went down. Lost my back brake in the crash, too, but I ended coming through to 15th. Moto 2 I got my front wheel taken out coming into the first turn and ended up down pretty hard. At first I was unsure if I was gonna be able to finish the race until I gathered myself back up and got going and came through for 16th. Ended up 16th overall on the day, but we’re healthy and going to come out swinging at Glen Helen.”

The day was even tougher on Jimmy Decotis, who suffered a big crash in the first moto and battled back to score one championship point with 20th. He failed to finish the second moto, and was credited with 37th.

The trio hopes for better days ahead, starting with round two at Glen Helen in San Bernardino, California, this weekend.

GEICO Honda Results (Overall)

Hangtown National

11. Jeremy Martin

16. Cameron McAdoo

23. Jimmy Decotis

08 May, 2017

Decotis and McAdoo Cap Learning Seasons at Supercross Season Finale

Las Vegas, NV (May 6, 2017) – Jimmy Decotis and Cameron McAdoo represented GEICO Honda’s 250SX efforts for the Monster Energy Supercross season finale at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The annual Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Showdown pits 250SX riders from both coasts against each other for the only time each season, and in the deep field both riders grabbed top ten results, with Decotis sixth and McAdoo tenth. Decotis also took the fastest qualifying spot and the heat race win in 250SX West.

Christian Craig made a late switch back up to the 450 class to fill in for Cole Seely on the factory Honda HRC machine. He finished 11th.

Decotis brought his late-season speed to the event, and continued to make strides. He clocked the fastest qualifying time of anyone in 250SX West, and then took a big win in the 250SX West heat race. Unfortunately, a terrible main event start ruined his chances for that elusive first career podium.

“It was a bittersweet ending to the 2017 supercross season,” said Decotis. “I qualified P1 won the West heat race but didn’t execute the start in the shootout. I was happy with my riding in the main event but I wasn’t happy with the result. I really felt I could’ve challenged for a win and podium with a start in the main so starting back in 14th was extremely frustrating. I’m happy with my progress and the big steps forward I made tonight. Now it’s time to just focus on the outdoors and keep the momentum rolling.”


Decotis and McAdoo rode in close formation for much of the main event, and could have impacted the championship outcome of 250SX East by battling around title contender Joey Savatgy for several laps. Decotis passed Savatgy and held him off, but the rookie McAdoo, in just his fifth pro supercross start and second ride with GEICO Honda, made a mistake while challenging for position.


“We had a solid night of racing in Vegas!” said McAdoo, who won the Amateur All-Star Race at the Monster Energy Cup the last time dirt bikes invaded Sam Boyd Stadium. “I definitely felt like I improved every time out on the track. It felt good to mix it up in the front in my heat race, and a 10th overall in the combined East/West main was my best result all year. About halfway through the main I was closing a bit on Savatgy until I clipped the off in the rhythm after the finish and ended up off the track and losing a couple of positions. Glad I was able to get back going and hold on for the top ten–my GEICO Honda was great all night and we are excited to get the outdoors rolling now!”

With supercross complete, the team gets a weekend off before kicking off the Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown in Sacramento, California on May 20th.


Decotis: 6th

McAdoo: 10th

05 May, 2017

Christian Craig To 450 For Las Vegas SX

GEICO Honda’s Christian Craig will forego the final round of the Eastern Regional 250 Supercross Championship Series this weekend in Las Vegas and will instead field the sole Team Honda HRC CRF450F out of the factory team semi. Honda announced earlier that Cole Seely reinjured his groin at the East Rutherford SX and will miss this weekend’s Monster Energy Supercross finale. “I got the call yesterday,” said Craig. “Looks like I will get a head start on my summer aboard a 450.”

Craig finished 11th two weeks ago at the 2017 Salt Lake City SX aboard the factory CRF450R and is looking to improve greatly on his showing in Las Vegas.

02 May, 2017

Motocross Action Mag: Christian Craig “Why We’re Here.”