21 Jul, 2014

Spring Creek leaves GEICO Honda 250 riders wanting more

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MILLVILLE, Minn. (July 19) — It was a difficult day in Minnesota for the GEICO Honda 250cc team, with Zach Bell leading the group with an 11th overall finish in Saturday’s Spring Creek National at Spring Creek Motocross Park.

In only his second full season on a 250 bike, Bell left Spring Creek with a pair of consistent finishes, a 10th in the first moto and 12th in the second.

“I had some issues with the suspension and couldn’t get it set up right,” Bell said. “I pushed through the day and it was a good finish for me.

“After all these setbacks in the past I just want to make it through every race and build on that. This weekend was better than how the last few weekends have gone, where I had some falls and it put me in the back early on.”

Also in his second full season in the 250 Pro Motocross Series, Matt Bisceglia felt he had an off day on the hilly course at Spring Creek Motorsports Park. Ending his day with an overall 14th finish following a 16th in the first moto and 11th in the second, Bisceglia showed signs of improvement after a recent elbow injury.

“The first moto especially, I fell back quite a ways and rode really bad,” Bisceglia said. “The second moto wasn’t great but was a little bit better for me. I felt like I was a little bit stronger toward the end and was able to make a couple of moves.”

Teammate Justin Bogle also wasn’t thrilled with his overall finish of 15th in the Spring Creek National. Great starts in both motos put him in contention for podium finishes, but Bogle came up just short after a sixth-place finish in Moto 1 and a late-race wreck in Moto 2 left him 32nd.

“The first moto I got up front and got a good start,” Bogle said. “My bike is incredible off the start and has been helping me get good starts all year, so I got up front and kind of got tight and went back to sixth.”

After jumping out to an early lead in the second moto, Bogle wasn’t able to hold the position, battling with Cooper Webb halfway through the race. While he still looked to be in podium contention, a wreck left Bogle unable to finish the race.

“The second moto I got a great start from the outside and got to the lead from fourth,” Bogle said. “Then I started making mistakes after a couple of laps and the bike got tight again. Unfortunately, I had a pretty good crash late in the moto and didn’t end up finishing.

“All in all I rode good in the second moto; I just need to work on some things.”

The GEICO Honda 250cc team will look to regroup and prepare for the next race on the 2014 Pro Motocross schedule, the Washougal National, July 26, in Washougal, Wash.

16 Jul, 2014

James Carter

16 Jul, 2014

Supercross champ Bogle wants more out of motocross starts

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MILLVILLE, Minn. (July 15) — GEICO Honda 250cc rider Justin Bogle is such a perfectionist that top-five finishes aren’t good enough, so as the GEICO Honda 250 team prepares for the Spring Creek National on Saturday at Spring Creek Motocross Park, Bogle is aiming higher.

The 2014 250 East Series Supercross champion, Bogle has finished in the top 10 in all seven motocross races this season. He was sixth last week at Budds Creek, finishing in the top five in both motos, but he wasn’t happy with that result, knowing his Supercross performance proves he belongs up front.

“I for sure belong up on the podium,” Bogle said. “I belong up in the top three. I belong battling for wins. I’m going to keep working until I get it.”

Bogle sits fourth in the motocross points standings with five races remaining, so contending for the championship is not out of the question.

“Everyone’s going fast,” Bogle said. “There’s no doubt there’s a lot of gnarly guys up in the top 10. It just takes being tougher. That’s what I’m going to work on.”

And Bogle will continue to work on his fitness as he competes at the highest level.

“I don’t need any reminder to know how difficult this sport is,” Bogle said. “Two 35-minute motos in the heat and humidity that we have is brutal sometimes, but my trainer Ryan (Fedorow) has me in great shape.”

Teammate Matt Bisceglia knows how tough motocross can be, too. After crashing in the first moto last week, he bounced back to finish 11th in the second in one of the hottest races of the year.

“It’s gnarly going 30 minutes plus two laps out there,” Bisceglia said. “It’s definitely not easy, and you have to be in really good condition and have to be able to deal with the heat.”

Bisceglia is a relative newcomer in pro motocross, as he is in his second full season on the GEICO Honda.

“I’ll try to come back this weekend, get back in the top 10, and have a good event,” Bisceglia said. “It’s a learning process, but you’ve got to take in what you learn and improve.”

Zach Bell is in a similar position, also racing in his second full season on a 250 bike. Steady improvement and consistency are Bell’s goals.

“Like the first few races, it’s getting a good start and sprinting,” Bell said. “That’s what I need to do. I’ve had a few mistakes, but I’m trying to get rid of those and have fun out there.

“I’m just trying to learn everything and try to get better and better.”

15 Jul, 2014

Bogle grabs sixth overall for GEICO Honda’s 250 team

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MECHANICSVILLE, Md. (July 12) — Justin Bogle led the GEICO Honda 250cc motocross team with a pair of top-five finishes in the GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National on Saturday at Budds Creek Motocross.

Bogle finished sixth overall in what was a bit of a disappointment for the 250 Supercross champion in the East Series.

“I got tight,” Bogle said. “It wasn’t my best display of riding today.”

Teammates Matt Bisceglia and Zach Bell persevered through difficult days to finish 15th and 16th overall, respectively.

The day started well for Bogle, as he was fast in practice and earned the holeshot in the first moto.

“I started off the day good in practice and felt good,” Bogle said. “For me, practice usually doesn’t go that well, so it was a good start to the day and a great start to the first moto with the holeshot. We led for a couple of laps and ran up front for most of the time.”

Bogle ended up fourth and was still in contention for an overall podium finish, but he struggled in the second moto.

“Just a really tough moto for me,” Bogle said. “I didn’t get the greatest start and got shuffled back the first couple of laps. I felt strong and felt good all the way through the moto. I was catching guys at the end, but I needed to make it happen a little sooner.”

Bisceglia crashed in the first moto, damaging his 250 bike, but he recovered to finish that race.

“I over-jumped the little tabletop in the middle and landed on a kicker,” Bisceglia said. “It sent me end over end pretty hard and knocked the sweat into the inside of my lens on my goggles. It bent my bike and my levers up a little bit, and we had to get everything straightened out.”

He ended up 26th but had a much better race in the second moto and was pleased with his progress.

“For how bad I spun off the gate and where I was at, I felt like I came out decent,” Bisceglia said. “I made a bunch of passes on the first couple laps and was holding my own. It was a good comeback; I just need to be a little bit stronger the last 10 minutes of the race.”

Bell made a good start in the first moto, crossing the line 10th on the first lap, but brake issues caused him to slip back to 17th.

“My back brakes went out on the first lap, so the first moto didn’t go as planned,” Bell said. “I ended up falling. I was running in the top 10, trying to make my way back up.”

His start wasn’t as good in the second moto, but Bell began slicing his way through the field before an error caused him to fall back to 15th at the checkered flag.

“I was picking people off and ended up sliding out again,” Bell said. “I tried to make a late charge but the guys were too far ahead. Overall, I’m happy and I’m excited for next weekend.”

15 Jul, 2014

Upward mobility on the minds of GEICO Honda’s ‘Killer B’s’

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MECHANICSVILLE, Md. (July 8) — The “Killer Bs” from the GEICO Honda 250 camp — Bogle, Bell, and Bisceglia — arrive at the GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National intent on improving their positions in the Motocross championship standings.

Justin Bogle, the reigning 250SX East champion, continues to attack the top-three riders in the outdoor series, both on the track and in the standings. He’s hoping a big weekend in Maryland will help his current fourth-place ranking as the 12-event season shifts to its second half.

“I just need to keep riding how I have been all season,” Bogle said. “You always need good starts and if I can do that in each moto, then I believe I can be up there battling for wins and podiums. It’d be great to get up there at a GEICO-sponsored race, for sure.

“I’m continuing to learn stuff every weekend, so it’s all good. At RedBud last weekend I felt really strong but had three different crashes during the day that hindered my results. I need to eliminate mistakes like that as much as possible. If I go out there and try to win every moto, then the points will play out how they play out. I didn’t think about it too much in Supercross and I’m not going to worry about it now. It’s better to just ride.”

After an injury-filled first two seasons with the GEICO Honda team, lightning-fast rider Zach Bell put an emphasis on staying upright and finishing each moto this outdoor season. So far the formula is working, with Bell earning points in nine of 12 motos contested, giving him a 13th-place slotting.

“I’m feeling better and better each weekend,” Bell said. “I haven’t had the best of luck at times, but when you are riding further back in the pack the likelihood of bad things happening definitely goes up. I need to get some more good starts and ride like I know how and I’ll get on the box.

“I’m getting to a point where I’m feeling really comfortable on my GEICO Honda. I just gotta start racing like I used to a little bit and kinda go for it but at the same time keep my main focus of staying off the ground and taking as many points as I can each weekend.”

Just five points back in 14th place in the rankings is Matt Bisceglia, who returned to action last Saturday at RedBud after back-to-back races where he earned no points.

“I haven’t had as much time as I usually would on the bike lately from fighting an injury, but I feel like I’m going to have a few good days of riding this week and a strong weekend overall,” Bisceglia said. “I’m really excited for Budds Creek. Everybody has told me that RedBud and Budds Creek are the two best tracks on the schedule. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Budds Creek. I’m definitely ready to go there.

“I wasn’t able to put in a lot of time on the bike between Highpoint and RedBud, so I’ll ride as much as I can these next few days. I’ll be more prepared this weekend, straight from the get-go, by being able to ride more ahead of time. I’m excited and ready to go.”

MAVTV will carry the first motos live from 1-3 p.m. ET, Saturday. The second motos will air live on NBCSN from 3-5 p.m. ET, also on Saturday. A highlight show will be broadcast on NBCSN from 11 p.m.-midnight ET, Thursday, July 17.

15 Jul, 2014

Despite falls, Bogle leads GEICO Honda 250 crew


BUCHANAN, Mich. (July 5) — Despite the party atmosphere of the Red Bull RedBud National, the trio of 250 riders from the GEICO Motorcycle camp didn’t feel much like celebrating after a crash-filledSaturday in southwest Michigan.

Reigning 250SX East champion Justin Bogle had a promising start dashed by a few tip-overs in Moto 2 and finished ninth in the overall standings. Teammates Matt Bisceglia (13-14 for 12th overall) and Zach Bell (11-17 for 14th) also fell off in the second race, with all three riders wishing they had done better by day’s end.

“Today was looking to be a great day,” Bogle said. “I was running towards the front in the first moto when I went down. I got up quick and raced up to third and landed in third for most of the rest of the laps, but I went down again and ended up fifth. Still not bad and definitely something to build on for Moto 2.

“In the second moto I had a great start and was leading for the first few laps but then I went down again. We were all running really close and a bunch of guys got past me. What can I say? The track was pretty gnarly and unfortunately it got me today.”

Bell saw his day in a positive light despite his own struggles. Although he didn’t finish as well as he had hoped, Bell reports that he’s learning more about what he needs from his bike to get to the front.

“Practice went great,” he said. “Unfortunately I had not-so-great starts in both motos and ended up really fighting in both of them. The first moto I came from the very back and ended up 11th, which I was happy with.

“In the second moto I ended up falling and stalling the bike, which put me way back. I was working my way up through the crowd but the best I could do was 17th. I had a lot of fun today though, and I’m happy to be in one piece and going home safe to work hard for next weekend.”

Finally, Bisceglia returned after being sidelined from an injury in last weekend’s race in Tennessee. He plans to work on his fitness to improve upon the results from this weekend.

“I got the holeshot in the first moto and led a lap, which felt so good,” he said. “I really worked hard but just couldn’t keep up the pace the other guys were riding. I have only ridden twice since my injury at High Point, so I think I was probably not 100 percent like I should be. I am going to go home and up my training with my dad so I can be back to where I was, if not better.”

The group will be back in action next Saturday at the GEICO Motorcycle Budds Creek National in Maryland.

15 Jul, 2014

Alias Mx: High Point LLQ Ft. Grondahl/Ferrell/Piazza/Fleming

13 Apr, 2014

Osborne finishes 6th in Seattle for GEICO Honda team


Zach Osborne came away with a 6th place finish at the Monster Energy Supercross race Saturday night at CenturyLink Field. Osborne made a spirited ride in his 250 heat before finishing second, but in the main a slow start hampered his progress.

“I just blew the start,” Osborne said. “I was like 15th on the start and had a mediocre ride to sixth. I feel like I really let one slip away from me tonight. Being on the podium seemed to be within my reach after the heat-race ride. I’m a little disappointed.”

29 Mar, 2014

Bogle moves into second place with runner-up result in St. Louis; Hahn hospitalized


GEICO Honda rider Justin Bogle moved into second place in the 250SX East championship hunt with a strong runner-up result Saturday night at Edward Jones Dome. This marks the third straight race and the fifth time overall that the Cushing, Okla., rider has reached the podium. Bogle’s last three races have yielded a victory and two runner-up finishes.

“I’m right where I need to be with my riding,” Bogle said. “A few races ago we were 25 points back and now we’re only eight (behind Martin Davalos) with two races left, so it’s going to be a battle ’til the end.”

Bogle made a few slick passes early in the race and settled in behind Davalos in second place. He quickly closed the gap and was looking to make a pass in the whoops section but ended up falling back due to lapped traffic. He once again erased the gap and was on Davalos’ rear wheel but ran out of laps.

22 Mar, 2014

No looking back for top-10 rider and former St. Louis winner Hahn


Supercross pro Wil Hahn continues his inaugural season in the premier 450SX class Saturday at Edward Jones Dome intent on leaving his mark in the series. The reigning 250SX East champion knows another podium finish in St. Louis is well within his grasp, and he plans on putting all the pieces together on the banks of the Mississippi.

“Returning (to St. Louis) really energizes me,” Hahn said. “Winning this race last year pretty much kicked off our final stretch run and definitely helped me in the championship standings. It was one of the biggest days of my professional career, for sure.

“Coming back on the bigger bike, I feel like everything is falling into place for me at the perfect time. My fitness and speed are there, and if I can avoid mistakes I feel very confident that I can put GEICO Honda on the podium.”