26 Oct, 2015

Free Gear Recipients Announced

As you may have seen on our social media channels, we announced there would be an opportunity for our DiRECT 2 RiDER members to be randomly selected to receive a free set of 2016 gear! This was simply to show appreciation to our loyal members!


The following DiRECT 2 RiDER Members that have been randomly selected to receive a free set of 2016 ALiAS gear. The following members get their choice of a 2016 A2 Series or Youth combo, featuring a jersey, pant and glove:

Patrick Long – Monroe, NC
Jena Smith – Pinon Hills, CA
Daniel Gagnon – Goffstown, NH
Brad Logsdon – Chambersburg, PA
Heather Bailey – Carrollton, TX

Congratulations! If you are on the list above you have been contacted at the email used on your account!


If you haven’t already, make sure you sign-up for a Free DiRECT 2 RiDER membership at! Not only will you save with wholesale pricing on brand new gear, but you will also be eligible for other special offers and deals throughout the year!

18 Aug, 2015

The Locals

Aaron Hirsch, of 725Media, put together this little banger with some of the New England crew getting at it. There’s plenty here for you two-stoke lovers, too!

17 Aug, 2015

Goerke claims MX1 Championship in final round thriller


(Vaughan, ON – August 17, 2015) Press Release – The final round of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals in Walton, ON this past Sunday, which was staged on the super-fast Walton Speedway track under a blazing sun and a humid 28°C temperature, turned out to be a thriller that didn’t fade away until the checkered flag signalled the end of the second MX1 moto. That’s how long it took to confirm that Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke could call himself the 2015 premier class champion.

For Goerke, it was the end of a long season that saw him engaged in epic battles for the title with defending champ Colton Facciotti, 2013 champ Brett Metcalfe, and up-and-coming star Cole Thompson. Goerke, who took command of the points chase at Round 3, was never able to break away into a comfort zone from that moment on. In addition to numerous second and third place finishes, he would go on to claim six moto wins and two overalls.

With a points spread that never exceeded 29 at its peak, and only 10 going into the ultimate round, Goerke exhibited true grit and grace under pressure to rise above his rivals and record his second MX1 National Championship title in Walton. The first time the Florida native cleared the task was in 2012, his debut year in Canada. The following two seasons he raced in the U.S., to make his return to the Canadian series this year.


Goerke’s MX1 teammate, Bobby Kiniry, riding injured since a hard crash in the first moto at Round 8, stayed the course to finish sixth in the points, tied with fellow American Cade Clason. Kiniry occupied sixth on the scoreboard since Round 6. The veteran proved to be steady finisher at most rounds despite some crashes and a DNF at Round 8.

In the MX2 title chase, Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF’s Shawn Maffenbeier finished the season with a respectable No.4 ranking. Like Kiniry the Saskatchewan native faced a number of setbacks, including a DNF at Round 9. He came into the series off an injury and despite a number of podium finishes, was unable to have a say in the championship.

While Facciotti pulled out all the stops to win the last battle of the season with 1-3 motos, Goerke stepped up to the plate to win the war. The first moto holeshot went to Tyler Medaglia, with Kiniry, Thompson, Facciotti and Goerke in tow. Unfortunately Kiniry could not capitalize on his excellent start, washing out his front end a few turns into the race. He remounted at the back of the pack and managed to work his way to a 24th place finish.

Medaglia was relegated to fourth within a few laps with Facciotti at the helm, Thompson in second and Goerke in third. Goerke stayed on Thompson’s rear fender until the midway point of the moto, when he made a definitive pass. Facciotti had by this time carved out a substantial lead and Goerke focused on defending his second place to the finish line.

The start of the second moto was about as tense as it could get for Goerke and Facciotti. Goerke still had a 10-point edge, but Facciotti was also within reach of the title, depending on where they would finish. Fast starter Goerke took his YZ450F into what looked like a potential holeshot with Facciotti next to him. Going into the first turn they collided, however, taking each other down in the process.

For race fans it didn’t get any better than that; for Goerke and Facciotti and their respective teams it was a worst case scenario. Although both riders got their bikes restarted, the big question was what shape were their bikes in? What shape were they in? Facciotti got back into the fray second last, Goerke dead last.

Facciotti sliced and diced through the pack with Goerke a few seconds behind. Around the halfway mark of the moto Facciotti had clawed his way into third, 21 seconds behind second place Thompson. Goerke found himself in seventh but lappers were becoming an issue by this time.

With four laps left, Goerke commandeered fifth place. Since Facciotti was unable to make up time on Thompson, it was all Goerke needed to secure the title with still a handful of points to spare. He just had to bring the finish home. To his relief and the entire team Goerke prevailed and cleared the task, recording fourth overall on the day, thanks to his 2-5 results. He was the new MX1 Champion.

“It’s certainly a relief to get this day over with. The second moto was more nerve wracking than the first. It couldn’t have been any crazier or tougher. I knew I had to ride smart and not let my emotions take over. So I let my bike do its job, which it did remarkably well, and I did mine,” Goerke said. “I knew I had to keep Colt in my sights, pass a lot of people and finish within a few positions of him, which was going to have to be fifth or better. It was a fantastic season and I would like to thank everybody that helped to make it happen. The list of people and sponsors is endless. They know who they are. I also want to thank all Canadian motocross fans for making me feel welcome in their country.”


Meanwhile, Kiniry, got another top start. After Goerke and Facciotti’s crash, he was in second behind Metcalfe, who ended up with the holeshot. Metcalfe would go on to win the moto, ahead of Thompson and Facciotti. Kiniry, despite not being in tip-top condition, hung in to finish the race in sixth place behind Goerke, recording 14th overall.

“Considering everything that went down this season, starting with a broken nose and ending with a broken foot, I’m happy to still salvage a single digit plate ranking. I had some misfortune along the way but the entire team was there to support me all the way and helped keep me stay focused. Thanks to everybody, including my family, for being there for me,” Kiniry said.


In MX2 action, Shawn Maffenbeier did what he had to do to secure his fourth place ranking in the points. He started inside the top 10 and worked his way into second by lap five. A few laps later a bobble relegated him to a fifth place finish. The second moto again saw Maffenbeier with a start just inside the top 10. He put his head down and took his YZ250 into the top five by lap three, running in fourth till the last lap, when he made a pass for third, finishing fourth overall on the day, and fourth in the title hunt.

“It’s never fun when you drop a ranking instead of moving up one, but coming into the season with very little time on the bike, is already something that’s not in your favour. You know you’re not going to be competitive from the get-go. It took a while to find my groove but finishing top five was my hope, although my goal was top three. At this point I want to thank everybody on the team, our sponsors, and especially Andre [Laurin] for their support and believing in me,” Maffenbeier said.

Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha would like to congratulate Matt Goerke for winning the 2015 MX1 Championship. A tip of the hat goes to Bobby Kiniry for maintaining a top-10 MX1 ranking, as well as to Shawn Maffenbeier for maintaining a top-five ranking in MX2. Thanks to all our invaluable sponsors for making this the best season ever!

Overall Results – Round 10


1. Colton Facciotti (Honda) 1-3
2. Cole Thompson (KTM) 3-2
3. Brett Metcalfe (Kaw) 5-1
4. Matt Goerke (Yam) 2-5
5. Tyler Medaglia (Husq) 4-4
6. Kyle Swanson (Yam) 6-8
7. Franklin Nogueras (Suz) 7-9
8. Seth Rarick (Yam) 8-10
9. Cade Clason (KTM) 12-7
10. Jason Burke (Yam) 11-11
14. Bobby Kiniry (Yam) 24-6


1. Kaven Benoit (KTM) 2-2
2. Joey Crown (Kaw) 8-1
3. Jimmy Decotis (Yam) 1-9
4. Shawn Maffenbeier (Yam) 5-3
5. Darian Sanayei (Kaw) 4-4
6. Dylan Wright (Yam) 3-5
7. Cole Martinez (Kaw) 6-6
8. Blake Savage (Yam) 10-7
9. Jesse Pettis (Yam) 9-8
10. Liam O’Farrell (KTM) 12-11

MX1 points after 10 of 10 rounds

1. Matt Goerke 527 pts
2. Colton Facciotti 521
3. Brett Metcalfe 482
4. Cole Thompson 462
5. Tyler Medaglia 438
6. Cade Clason 342
7. Bobby Kiniry 342
8. Kyle Keast 310
9. Dylan Schmoke 256
10. Teddy Maier 209

MX2 points after 10 of 10 rounds

1. Kaven Benoit 568 pts
2. Jimmy Decotis 470
3. Jeremy Medaglia 451
4. Shawn Maffenbeier 399
5. Blake Savage 383
6. Dylan Wright 365
7. Brad Nauditt 326
8. Morgan Burger 320
9. Jesse Pettis 301
10. Cole Martinez 259

16 Aug, 2015

Matt Bisceglia snares top-five finish for GEICO Honda 250 team


TOOELE, Utah (Aug. 15) — GEICO Honda 250 rider Matt Bisceglia continued his late-season surge with a top-five finish in the Utah National Pro Motocross race on Saturday at Miller Motorsports Park. The result was his best of the outdoor season and follows a top-10 finish last weekend at Unadilla.

“Best weekend of the season so far,” said Bisceglia, who finished sixth in each of the two motos. “Got a couple good starts and I rode pretty well for the most part. I put in as many good laps as I could, even with the heat. We were out here racing in the desert, but I did pretty well in spite of the heat.”

Temperatures approached 90 degrees in the blazing Utah sun, but Bisceglia fought through it with determination for an overall fifth.

“That’s my best finish this year and my best finish in motocross, so I can’t complain,” Bisceglia said. “The heat definitely started getting to me; 20 minutes into the moto you start getting overheated. I’m in good physical shape and rode consistent overall.”

Teammate R.J. Hampshire rode well, too, finishing 7-7 for an overall seventh, the best of his rookie season. He was heading to a podium finish in the first moto before a fall just before the finish line.

“I got off to a great start, the best start I have had all year,” Hampshire said. “I led the pack for a few laps, but then (Cooper) Webb and (Marvin) Musquin got by me. After that I settled in my pace and rode in third.

“I had third place locked in but I got excited the last lap and the last turn. I came into the turn a little hot and got sideways and threw it away. I learned from it and that is where we have wanted to be all season long.”

Hampshire had a good start in the second moto, but that race was red-flagged to cause a restart.

“I did not have a great restart; I was back in 15th,” Hampshire said. “The first start I was up in the top 10 and moved to eighth but then we had the red flag. I was putting good lap times together and I had some pretty good battles with the other riders.”

Christian Craig and Jordon Smith each had days they’d like to forget. Craig, who has been solid since joining the team two races into the outdoor season, tweaked his back in the first practice and struggled for most of the day. He gutted through the pain to finish 10th in the first moto, but he had to pull off in the second.

“During the first practice I tweaked my back going off a jump, so from that point it was pretty much downhill from there,” Craig said. “I did have a great lap time in the second practice, which qualified me for second, and then I had to pull off because I was in so much pain. I tried to do some stuff to it to help.

“The first moto I just tried to ride through it and I finished 10th, which just isn’t me. I’m way faster than that.”

After a good start in the second moto, the pain became too much.

“Pretty much every bump I hit I was gritting my teeth in my helmet,” Craig said. “Hopefully it is something minor, so I should be good for next week.”

Smith got the holeshot in the first moto and raced in the top five before going down. He failed to finish and was ruled out for the second moto.

“First moto I had the best start I’ve had all season, taking the holeshot, so I was very happy about that,” Smith said. “After leading the pack for a few laps I came off my bike, but I was still holding onto the handlebars and basically running beside my bike. I got back on my bike but also got passed for the lead.

“I then rode pretty well for a while but then got passed by a few more riders. I took a breath and relaxed and made my way back up the pack until I fell. I got pretty banged up on the fall, so I was unable to race Moto 2.”

12 Aug, 2015

2015 Loretta Lynn’s A-Class Highlights

2015 was a great year at Loretta Lynn’s for ALiAS Riders! This video focuses on the A-Class, which saw multiple ALiAS riders chasing down the title.

11 Aug, 2015

Backflips and Backwards Whips

New England’s flips and whips is all about going big and having fun. Backwards and upside down, these guys were all feeding off each other’s energy and doing things most people wouldn’t even consider.

A Danny Stuart Video

10 Aug, 2015

Goerke battles hard for third overall in Ulverton


(Vaughan, ON – August 10, 2015) Round 9 of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals presented by Motovan in Ulverton, QC on Sunday proved to be a rock ‘em sock ‘em affair that saw Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke engaged in epic battles to maintain his MX1 points lead over defending champ Colton Facciotti and Brett Metcalfe.

In both motos the top three contenders on the points scoreboard poured on the gas, resulting in such a frenzied pace the gap between third place finisher Goerke over fourth place Cole Thompson counted 36 seconds in moto one and 17 in moto two.
MX1 Results: 1. Colton Facciotti (1-1); 2. Brett Metcalfe (2-2); 3. Matt Goerke (3-3); 4. Cole Thompson (4-4); 5. Tyler Medaglia (6-5); 6. Bobby Kiniry (5-7)

MX2 Results: Jeremy Medaglia (2-1) 2. Kaven Benoit (1-2); 3. Dylan Wright (4-3); 4 Jimmy Decotis (3-4); 5. Blake Savage (Yam) 6-5; 16. Shawn Maffenbeier (5-DNF)

MX1 points after 9 of 10 rounds

1. Matt Goerke 479 pts
2. Colton Facciotti 466
3. Brett Metcalfe 431
4. Cole Thompson 410
5. Tyler Medaglia 392
6. Bobby Kiniry 320
7. Cade Clason 309
8. Kyle Keast 284
9. Dylan Schmoke 228
10. Teddy Maier 209

MX2 points after 9 of 10 rounds

1. Kaven Benoit 514 pts
2. Jimmy Decotis 427
3. Jeremy Medaglia 423
4. Shawn Maffenbeier 353
5. Blake Savage 348
6. Dylan Wright 319
7. Brad Nauditt 302
8. Morgan Burger 299
9. Jesse Pettis 266
10. Dustin Creson 222

08 Aug, 2015

GEICO Honda team shows speed at Unadilla National


NEW BERLIN, N.Y. (Aug. 8) — The GEICO Honda 250cc team made some impressive strides during the Red Bull Unadilla National on Saturday at Unadilla Motocross, with three riders gaining spots in the points standings.

Matt Bisceglia finished 10th overall to move up two spots to ninth in points, and rookie R.J. Hampshire joined him in the top 10 in points with a 10th-place overall finish. Christian Craig led the 250 team with a seventh-place overall, and he leapt three spots to 11th in points.

Justin Bogle had a mixed day in his debut on a GEICO Honda 450 bike, finishing 10th in the first moto before coming home 36th in the second for an 18th-place overall finish.

Bogle, riding the bike Eli Tomac took to two wins earlier this season, rode well in the first moto. He battled with the best of the elite 450 class, racing in the top three and heading for a podium finish, but he faded in the closing laps.

Bogle got the holeshot in the second moto but went down and had to pull off the track.

“That was a rough day at the office, but it was a lot of fun to race up there with those guys,” said Bogle, who will finish the season on a 450. “I appreciate the opportunity, and the bike was awesome today. I look forward to getting another chance on it in Utah.”

Craig, on the cusp of the top 10 in points despite missing the first two races of the season, rode well in the first moto.

“I came out second in the first moto,” Craig said of his start. “I rode around there for a little bit but couldn’t quite find a flow out there. I was fighting myself. The bike was great, but I went backwards to fifth, stayed there, and just rode it out. A lot of people were crashing and the track was getting really rough and brutal.

“Going into the second moto I wanted to do the same thing but stay up front more. I actually got a worse start. I was around top 10; I think I was seventh for a while. I was trying to make some passes and ended up tipping over all by myself. The front end washed out, so I had to climb my way back up and finished 10th.

“Seventh overall and climbing up in the standings; I can’t be mad but I can’t be happy about this run.”

Bisceglia bounced back from a 15th-place finish at Washougal to post his first overall top-10 in the last four races.

“Today was an OK day,” Bisceglia said. “I had a really rough start in the first moto but made my way back up to 12th. In the second moto I got a better start but I made as many passes as I could. I finished off strong in the second moto, and I just need to go work on the first halves of my motos.

“I finished out strong, so that’s a positive, but I’ll work on that and work on my negatives.”

Hampshire got the holeshot in the second moto and raced up front before a minor error moved him back to seventh at the checkered flag. He was 15th in the first moto.

“In the second moto I pulled a pretty sick holeshot, then (Joey) Savatgy passed me, but I was running second quite a while,” Hampshire said “I felt pretty good but just made a small mistake and went down. So a little rebound, but we want more.”

Fellow rookie Jordon Smith endured a tough day, finishing 11-18 for a 16th-place overall. Smith raced in the top three in the second moto, chasing Hampshire, but a fall dropped him back.

“This weekend I rode a lot better than I have in the past,” Smith said. “It’s probably the best I’ve ridden, but I just couldn’t stay off the ground today. I felt like I let one get away. I felt like I could win the second moto but ended up falling. I feel a lot better on the bike and I’ll get ready for next weekend.”

28 Jul, 2015

Ride Day at ThornwoodMX

On July 16th, ALiAS hosted a Ride Day at Thornwood MX in Upstate New York. There were free hotdogs, raffles, tons of roost throwing, and lots fun. Martin Matt Photography hooked us up with this killer video of what went down! Check it out!

27 Jul, 2015

Goerke claims overall win at Deschambault in MX1 – Maffenbeier second overall in MX2


(Vaughan, ON – July 27, 2015) Matt Goerke and Shawn Maffenbeier were on top of their game at Round 7 of the Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals in Deschambault, QC on Sunday. Goerke, with hard fought for 2-1 moto finishes, grabbed the overall win, extending his lead in the MX1 title hunt to 22 points. Maffenbeier recorded second overall in MX2 on the strength of 5-2 results. It was Maffenbeier’s second consecutive second overall finish; he currently sits fourth on the MX2 points scoreboard.

Although some rain fell on Deschambault in the morning during qualifiers, the track, Motocross Deschambault, held up nicely all day and by early afternoon sunshine had replaced the grey skies. With temperatures that reached a high of only 23°C, it was perfect racing weather compared to a week ago at a hot and humid Sand Del Lee in Ontario.
MX1 Results: 1. Matt Goerke (2-1); 2. Brett Metcalfe (3-2); 3. Colton Facciotti (1-5); 4. Cole Thompson (4-3); 5. Tyler Medaglia (5-4); 6. Bobby Kiniry (6-6)

MX2 Results: 1. Kaven Benoit (1-1); 2. Shawn Maffenbeier (5-2); 3. Blake Savage (3-4); 4 Jimmy Decotis (2-6); 5. Dylan Wright (Yam) 4-5