ALiAS ⎜ˈā-lē-əs, ey-lee-uhs⎜

Founded in 2011 from a passion for racing and all things moto, ALiAS strives to set new standards in the motocross apparel industry by providing riders with innovation, function, quality, style, and savings.

ALIAS is the first and only motocross apparel company to take a direct to consumer, wholesale pricing approach. The DIRECT 2 RIDER™ membership was created to allow riders to purchase high quality products for a fraction of the typical retail cost. With it, Riders can create a free account, login, and automatically receive incredible savings!

Incredible pricing does not mean slacking the product quality, either! Partnered with the GEICO Honda race team just a few weeks into the brand’s inception, ALiAS designers and product developers have had the opportunity to test, improve, and evolve racewear each year with some of the sport’s top athletes. This constant development ensures ALiAS products hold up to the most aggressive riding conditions, while still offering amazing style and comfort.

The DIRECT 2 RIDER™ membership, combined with a never ending strive to evolve and improve as brand, creates a win-win situation for every Rider that chooses ALiAS.


The goal for ALiAS is simple; make it easier for Riders to look good, spend less, and ride more. This is accomplished through the DiRECT 2 RiDER™ membership. This 100% free membership allows ALiAS products to ship directly from the warehouse to the Rider’s doorstep. The result is significantly lower pricing compared to the competition, while still producing top-notch, quality products.

With a DiRECT 2 RiDER™ membership from ALiAS, Riders can count on being able to stay fresh with new gear, while still having something left in the bank account for bike parts and hitting the track!


Create a Free DiRECT 2 RiDER™ membership today and never again pay retail pricing for quality motocross gear and apparel!

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